AICS2 saving to PDF format with Linked Images. ????
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2006-11-15 17:56:44 UTC
Can anybody explain what is actually happening here with Linked Images and saving to PDF instead of AI format.

Ok, say I create a NEW PDF format file in AICS2. Throw some images in it and LINKING them...not embedding them. This way the file size will be smaller than embedding.

I save the file to PDF.

Lets say I move those images used in the file to some other location or another computer altogether.

Open PDF in AICS2...voilla... cannot find those images so I have to tell it where they are now. Fine and all.

OK... Prior to moving those linked images in trying to fool AICS2.... I open that same PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro 7.

Even though the link information is not in tact anymore in AICS2 because I moved the files. Why is it Adobe Acrobat can open this same file and the images appear? I am assuming they are EMBEDDED ALSO? Is AICS2 saving a embedded images also for linked images as a backup in case link data missing? The file size is still yet the same size...so what is going on?

AICS2 cannot find them (unless I tell them where I switched them to).... but Adobe Acrobat 7 displays them???

Must be also embedded? Even though initally linking them????


Reason for the PDF save instead of AI save, no redundant files, can also use this same file for distribution and do not have to create an additonal file that is PDF along with AI original.
2006-11-15 18:21:42 UTC
Images are always embedded in PDFs. They have to be because PDF (Portable Document Format) files must be standalone documents viewable in Reader.

Illustrator always assumes you are "editing" the document and will look for the original linked image. Links can thus be updated as necessary.

The same goes for fonts. They can be embedded in PDFs for the purpose of viewing, but AI will insist you have those fonts on your machine for editing purposes.
2006-11-15 18:37:56 UTC
Thanks Harron.

I see what you mean.... so AICS2 is embedding those so-called linked images also then IF saving to PDF format?

I haven't tried saving the same file with linked images yet in AI format and using Arcobat to OPEN that AI file...hmmm wonder what will happen with these linked images???

Will try when I get time.

But I do understand Acrobat PDF HAVE TO embed the images (and fonts) in order to view them. But just wondering if AICS2 is embedding even though I told it to LINK them.
2006-11-15 18:55:11 UTC


started new CMYK document in AICS2. Placed JPEG image via LINKING (checked it). Saved as both a AI (did not check EMBED LINKED IMAGES in save dialog!) and PDF (well, it has to embed...so I know it will be there).


OPENED AI in Acrobat, document opened and had image in it???? I thought I told it not to embed linked files?

OPENED PDF version in Acrobat...ovioulsy image showed up as expected.

ok.... RENAMED that linked image to something else so AICS2 could not find it. Tried to open AI file in AICS2.... file missing dialog. ok.
Did the same for the PDF version... image missing also dialog.

so since the link is broken.... AICS2 cannot display the image now? BUT.... IF I open these same AI and PDF version in Acrobat...guess what? The images show up (expected with the PDF version, but not the AI version where I told it not to embed).

soooo... hmmm? AICS2 MUST be embedding no matter what....can display the images in Acrobat...but PLAYS DUMB if I try to open in AICS2?

I do understand the PDF will have the images embedded...but don't understand why the AI version would? Especailly if AICS2 cannot find the linked images after breaking the link.


maybe try it and you will see what I mean.
2006-11-15 19:15:19 UTC
When you save as .ai, you should get a dialog box that, among other things, will give you the option to "Create PDF Compatible File."

Uncheck that and get back to us.
2006-11-15 19:22:41 UTC
ok will try.
2006-11-15 19:31:12 UTC
ok, obviously since it isn't PDF compatible now, it won't open or should i say isn't viewable accept for "explanation why it isn't opening" text on page.

So when the "Create PDF Compatible File" is checked even though saving to AI format, it is embedding the image so Acrobat can display it... not necessarily AICS2 displaying it though, but saying the linked image cannot be found if moved. SO even though it is embedded, AICS2 refuses to use that emmbedded image (which Acrobat has no problem displaying)...but instead dispalying the image not found dialog. (even though in fact the IMAGE is IN the file itself).

I was just curious what was happening here is all...since it seems weird.
2006-11-15 20:08:42 UTC
When you open up a AI file with missing linked images, it will ask you for the location of those images even if those images are "embedded" in the PDF part of an AI file. Those embedded PDF images can be of a different resolution or compression than the originals and it would be a bad idea to attempt to reuse those images which may well have been altered significantly from the originals.
The original images are not embedded in the PDF, only a likeness of the original images.
An AI file can have two parts...the PDF part and the native AI part...we read in one or the other and do not attempt to blend the two together when opening a file. Illustrator generally prefers the native AI data, as that is what is editable by the user.
2006-11-15 20:45:48 UTC
ok..thanx Adam for the clarification!
2006-11-15 21:03:38 UTC
Yes, thank you, Adam.